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We develop custom IOT and AI Integrations

At Bit Space Development, we help companies unlock the potential of technology through the use of exciting and innovative solutions. We help you solve problems in new ways that you may not have thought were possible.

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Raspberry Pi System Integrator

Our IoT command and control systems leverage the open source Raspberry Pi micro controllers and computers for scalable and proven results.

Custom Simulator Peripherals

Our custom peripherals bring simulators to the next level, drive scissor and boom lifts with emulated controls to make you really feel like you're driving the real thing.

Managed Services

Our collection of services are ready to be deployed into your organization to help automate your machine learning and IoT needs.

WHat We Do

Technology we bring to the table

We have a diverse set of skills and we’re ready to help solve problems for you with our custom engineered solutions and managed services. 

AI Pipeline

Our machine learning pipeline helps you identify objects or trends in your physical space, collect metrics and additional data, generate reports, and label and categorize data for further training. Our managed tooling takes the guess work out of adapting machine learning to your workflow.

IoT Command and Control

Control every aspect of your job site or business with our robust command and control systems designed to give you a large amount of control over your data, devices, and triggers for events. Not only do we give you the tools to view data collected by our sensors, we give you programmable control over connected systems.

Device Management

Our edge-based command and control modules and our AI inference hardware can be remotely managed across your business from our device management portal. This tooling allows you to monitor online connectivity over LTE, Wifi, or ethernet and manage updates, deploy models, and manage the data coming back into the system.

Our IoT command and control platform gives you direct management of your systems.

Physical HArdware Integration

We create custom integrations

Need something custom? We can help with that, we offer a number of in house services that can help get your product ready to deploy either to a prototype state or designed for manufacturing. 

Custom Additive Manufacuturing Services

3D Print SErvices

With years of experience and access to a large variety of materials and printers we can help you prototype and produce custom parts that can be rapidly produced or iterated quickly and easily

Material Selection

We offer a wide variety of ABS, PLA, Resin, and exotic material that we can use to produce your parts for you.

Specialty Materials

We can print prototypes using specialty fireproof and self-extinguising materials that can even be UL certified in your products.

Design Services

Our engineering and art teams can assist you in creating 3D printable files which are designed for the materials you want to use. Work with us to create ready-to-print files that can speed up your work.

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Iterative Prototypes

We can create the enclosures for your custom electronics as well!

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With Bit Space Development, you get a better deal and a better product in the end.

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